Nick Kyrgios is getting his own documentary on Netflix

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The controversial Australian tennis player, Nick Kyrgios reached an agreement with the streaming company to be able to Produce your own documentary.

At the end of the last duel at Wimbledon against Novak Djokovic, the Australian tennis player, despite the defeat, was quite happy, Well, I already had incredible news that I would share very soon. and that it would make him smile.

Netflix workers approached the tennis player during the party he had after the third Grand Slam of the season in an exclusive London club, offering him to be the new star of the documentaries on the platform.

Sources from the English newspaper, the Daily Mail, reported that Netflix representatives showed Kyrgios the entire project they had in mind and that he was amazed. who could not miss such a great opportunity. It is said that the Australian is a lover of sports documentaries and that this motivated him not to think twice about his answer.

So the filming process was lived throughout Wimbledon 2022, the cameras of the audiovisual platform followed the Australian, on and off the court, recording images on trips to London with his girlfriend and family, dinners during the tournament at the house where they stayed and even at the party after the defeat in the final.

All this was possible due to the signing of a very attractive contract for the Australian player, which left moments to remember and numerous controversies.

“This documentary will feature explosive images and will be highly addictive for viewers. You can see very personal interviews with Nick and members of his team,” says a source close to the tennis player.

The Australian is one of the most mediatic players on the circuit and not only because of the talent he has at the time of the game, but also because of how he behaves as soon as he enters the court, leaving aside any friendship and even respect. Kyrgios is the typical player who, when things don’t go well for him, tries to get his courage out of him with the first one who comes across him and unfortunately for the judges, it’s almost always them.



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