New chub? They caught a couple red-handed on video at the Cali stadium – ComuTricolor

Deportivo Cali and Independiente Medellin tied 2-2 at the close of day 3. Beyond the game, another quite peculiar situation arose in the match, exactly in the transmission of it through the Win Sports channel.

Not many people went to the stadium, since the distance between Palmaseca and Cali is considerable; In addition, the financial situation of the team is not the best, adding the weak results of the ‘Azucarero’ in recent months.

When the public was focused on the stands of the stadium, a couple was seen sharing without any problem. There they were embracing while the game started; nevertheless, when they realized the situation, they immediately moved away. Nothing had happened here!

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The moment went viral through social networks. There thousands of people noticed the video and replicated it. This generated multiple responses with flashy memes and comments.

The team led by Mayer Candelo will visit Deportivo Pereira next Monday, July 25, this from 4:40 pm (local time).



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