NBA – Nowitzki mocks buddy Doncic: “Overrated”

Cologne (SID) – When Luka Doncic stepped up to the free-throw line in Stockholm, the loud shouts from the ranks began. “Overrated, overrated”, that is, overrated, the Swedish fans shouted at the Slovenian basketball star to unsettle him – and a very big one joined in. Dirk Nowitzki joined the chorus in the first row of spectators and couldn’t help but laugh.

Together with his wife Jessica, who is from Sweden, Nowitzki watched the hosts’ World Cup qualifier against Slovenia for NBA pro Doncic, with whom he had previously played with the Dallas Mavericks. Both have a close relationship to this day, the Würzburger is an advisor to the club.

Not only Nowitzki had to laugh, Doncic himself was also amused by the shouts in the Hovet Arena. They also had no effect. The 23-year-old had 31 points, ten rebounds and six assists in the 84-81 victory for the guests.

Despite the defeat, Sweden reached the next round, while European champions Slovenia had already progressed. Both teams meet Germany in the second qualifying phase.



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