NBA giant Durant finally erupts in Brooklyn with a request for a change

They had big plans together. It got puny. NBA superstar Kevin Durant wants to leave the Brooklyn Nets. The time of his famous teammate Kyrie Irving in New York should soon be over.

NBA superstar Kevin Durant is asking his Brookyln Nets for a trade, according to several insiders in the US, including ESPN pundit Adrian Wojnarowski and Athletic reporter Shams Charania.

Accordingly, Durant communicated his decision directly to the team owner on Thursday, and potential trade partners are now being sought.

Should it actually come to a breakup, the duo Durant and Kyrie Irving, who started out in Brooklyn three years ago with great expectations, would be a real disappointment.

Irving recently opted to exercise his $37 million contract option for next season and stay with the Nets. But after Durant’s trade wish, Irving’s future in Brooklyn is also uncertain.

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