NBA: Brogdon and Gallinari, two signings to strengthen the Celtics

LMost of the movements in the NBA market took place yesterday, but the second day of free agency has also left some noteworthy things. The main protagonist has been the management of Boston Celticswhich has added two large pieces to its rotation as Malcolm Brogdon y Danilo Gallinari.

The first has come in a transfer with Indiana Pacers in which the Celtics have sent the team coached by Rick Carlisle a pack made up of five players and one first round of the next draft. Theis, Nesmith, Stauskas, Fitts y Morgan make up the quintet that will pack their bags for Indianapolis. Wojnarowski has been the first to advance the news

Italian Gallinari has also been involved in a trade this summer, but coming to Boston as free agent. The forward arrived a few days ago at the San Antonio Spurs, as part of the movement that sent Dejounte Murray to the Atlanta Hawks. The Texans don’t have ‘Il Gallo,’ so they will release him so he can sign with the Celtics, according to Adrian Wojnarowski’s information.

necessary movements

The lack of depth in the template and the irregularity of Smart in the direction they have been two of the great problems of those of Udoka in their exceptional Playoffs. Brogdon’s arrival promises to help in both respects, while Gallinari’s arrival will serve to shore up a bench lacking in offensive resources.

The former Bucks and Pacers averaged 19.1 points and 5.9 assists last season, remarkable numbers for a player who aims to be the Celtics’ sixth man. As negative aspects, it should be noted that he missed more than half of the games and that he signed a 31% in triples. In addition, his contract will leave some Celtics with little margin who will see more than 20 million annually by the point guard for the next three seasons.

On Gallinari’s part, he has shown that he can be a very productive player if he manages his role well. His resources on offense are varied, and Boston’s defensive system helps make up for his shortcomings on that side of the court.

What is even more comforting for Udoka and company is that they have not had to part with important pieces, since the five players involved in the transfer added 55 minutes throughout the postseason. The most painful exit is, perhaps, that of Theis; but with Horford and Robert Williams the post of pvot is well covered. With these moves, critical management has shown nonconformity and desire to improve the great campaign that they have just signed.

The other names of the day

In addition to Brogdon and Gallinari, there have been other names with prominence in the NBA market. In the renovations section, the most notorious have been those of Booker (224 million in 4 years), And Morant (231 in 5), Mitchell Robinson (60 in 4), Nurkic (70 in 4) and Kevon Looney (25.5 in 3).

The most notorious arrivals have been those of Huerter to Sacramento in exchange for Justin Holiday and Harkless, the signing of Bruce Brown by the Nuggets (13 million in 2 years), robin lopez a los Cavaliers y John Wall to the Clippers (13.2 in 2).



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