My Hero Academia: New OVA episodes will stream on Crunchyroll ahead of Season 6



  • My hero academy Season 5 OVA episodes will stream on Crunchyroll this August.
  • The OVAs will reunite fans with Class 1-A ahead of the Paranormal Liberation War arc.
  • Crunchyroll’s streaming release date is near My hero academy season 6
Key artwork for My Hero Academia OVAs | K. Horikoshi/Shueisha

My hero academy Season 6 doesn’t premiere until October, but fans of the anime have two OVA episodes to bridge them. Crunchyroll announced that both Season 5 OVAs will stream on its platform this August to reunite viewers with Class 1-A before they go to war with the Paranormal Liberation Front. Read on to find out when you can see the new OVAs and what they will include.

Crunchyroll Announces Streaming Release Date for Season 5 OVA Episodes of My Hero Academia

Crunchyroll announced this at Anime Expo 2022 My hero academy Season 5 OVA episodes will be released on their platform on August 1st. Both episodes are already in theaters in Japan, and international fans have been waiting for a streaming release date.

In his Twitter post announcing the news, My hero academy also revealed the titles of the upcoming installments. The first is called “HLB” – short for Hero League Baseball – and the second is called “Laugh! Like you’re in hell.”

What are the Season 5 OVA episodes about?

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Now fans know the streaming release date for My hero academy What can you expect from the Season 5 OVA episodes?

“HLB” is exactly what it sounds like. In Hero League Baseball, Deku and his classmates will attend a baseball game – and knowing the group of young heroes, it’s likely to be competitive. The key image shared on Twitter shows Class 1-A in uniform. Their tournament could prove to be the highlight of Crunchyroll’s summer season.

The second OVA will see Deku, Bakugo and Todoroki on a mission for the Endeavor Agency. As a sequel to Season 5’s Endeavor Agency arc, the trio will spend more time in the spotlight ahead of the looming war. And with the stakes higher than ever in the anime’s sixth season, fans might want to spend as much time with these characters as possible.

My Hero Academia returns for Season 6 this fall

In addition to the two OVA episodes coming this August, My hero academy Fans can look forward to Season 6 in the fall. The next appearance promises to be one of the biggest additions to the series yet. The Pro Heroes will find themselves in an all-out confrontation with the anime’s villains – most of whom leveled up during the Season 5 meta Liberation Army arc.

The trailer promises an intense battle as the two sides clash. Therefore, with all the darkness on the horizon, the OVAs could prove to be a welcome bright spot. Fans can see both later this summer.

My hero academy Season 5 OVA episodes debut on Crunchyroll on August 1st.

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