MMA | Vémola before the title duel: The champion does not choose his opponent. What about the rematch of the Match of the Century?

When Oktagon MMA announced that Vémola would get a shot at the light heavyweight title after just one bout, the internet was flooded with frustrated opinions. “If someone feels that I don’t deserve it, then let them name me who deserves the title match more than me,” explains the Terminator, who is extremely happy for the chance. In an interview with, Vémola also commented on what will be the next plans for the coming months of this year, or what the immediate moments looked like after the opponent’s bold challenge to face each other.

Ilič’s challenge first appeared on the Internet, after which the match was officially announced a few days later. How long did it take for the match to be arranged?

That is more of a question for Ondra Novotný (promoter), how long it took him to arrange it or what the communication was like with him. I just wrote him a message that if they give me a title match in Štvanice, then he doesn’t have to send me the name of the opponent at all, and whether I will go for it or not. Just let him send me the name of the opponent so I can prepare for him. I was for anyone, I didn’t care. Ondřej sent the Joker, I say: hey. He would send someone else, I would also say: hey. At the moment when it’s a title match, I won’t talk about the opponent at all. A champion does not choose his opponent.

Originally, Xavier was in the game, and he didn’t really like the match. If Ilič didn’t come, who else would come into consideration?

That’s a question I can’t answer. This is what OCTAGON knows.

How would you compare Xavier to Ilić? They are both great standers.

Exactly, both are excellent in attitude with the difference that Ilič is left-handed. Anyway, the preparation for both would be completely different. Xavier, on the other hand, stands out because he is heavier and is a bit better on the ground. However, the preparations are generally similar in that I have to pay attention to their stance and the fact that Ilič stands out from the left side.

What do you make of the fact that many keep discussing that you are going for the title right away after your first fight in the light heavyweight division?

It’s all round. If anyone feels that I don’t deserve it, let me know the name of someone who deserves the title match more than me. Just because of how much I have done for Czech MMA. The only one I think deserves the match more than me is Xavier. But he doesn’t want to wrestle, so what should I do? In addition, I would remind you again that Patrik Kincl’s first fight in the OKTAGON MMA organization was a title fight. And he was in the 77th after he lost a weight lower. He lost and got a title match. I have only lost to Attila in the last three or four years, before that I had eleven wins in a row. I now have six more wins. If someone wants to say I don’t deserve a title match, that’s up to the promoters. But I’m glad they gave me that chance.

Voiced by Patrik Kincl
“Coming from the person who deals with weight the most in our scene, it’s really laughable. He tries so hard to dodge the dodge that only fools eat it. He himself wanted to go right after the return of 84 with the Pirate. But when Viktor Pesta is gone, so it’s 93 again. He yelled at Pirát that he’s a fake champion, so what will he do now in 93?”

What are the plans after eventually winning the light heavyweight title? Will you also want to take the middleweight title?

It’s only a matter of time before I go for the middleweight title because two guys that I beat will be fighting for it.

So becoming a two-time champion would be ideal?

Exactly. My plan is to have both belts over my shoulder, maybe there are slightly bigger plans. I would only say that people should wait for my post-match interview with Ondra Novotný.

Did you miss the takedowns? The Terminator is back! Karlos Vémola did not give Pasternak a chanceVideo: Octagon TV

How do you see Patrik Kincl’s title duel against Alex Lohoré? Who will you wish?

In the end, I might not care, but I’m such a patriot. I always wish the Czechs, even if I like them or don’t like them. I want Czech MMA to go up, so that we can show that we can do it at the world level as well. I would be happy if the belt stayed with Kincl, I will take it from him in December. I’ve clearly beaten both dudes in the past, so it doesn’t really matter who I go up against. I really don’t care.

It will be the third match in two months. Can we expect a 2-3 month break from wrestling after Štvanice?

It will probably be a longer break than I had now. But I want to be part of the huge Octagon invasion of Germany. If they have another tournament in October in Germany, I definitely want to be there.

How is it going with the surgery you talked about recently? Are you really going to undergo it after the match at Štvanice?

We will start solving and reviewing it only after the match. First is the duel, then the hand. I’ll be wiser after the match.

And any other plans after Štvanice?

I’m about to get married, I’m going to marry a Slovak, she’s my biggest beast in my collection so far.

What about next year? Is it realistic that you could face Attila Végh again?

I am ready. It’s up to Ondra and Attila to see it through. I’ve been waiting for it for several years and I’m not going to delay it any longer, I’m on my way. I collect titles, I collect victories, I take on big challenges, I fight in the O2 arena, in Germany, I tried boxing. I wrestled, I will wrestle and I will struggle. I prove that there is only one king in the Octagon.

The matchup would also make sense in that you could fight each other again at light heavyweight, where you are now going for the title.

I’ll have the belt over my shoulder in a moment. It will be clear evidence of who is king in the Octagon. If Attila wants to contradict it, let him come, I’m ready for him.



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