MLS: Gareth Bale enrages Spain press with video message – Football

Was that also a deliberate provocation?

Ex-Real Madrid star Gareth Bale (32) introduced himself to the Spanish-speaking fans of his new club Los Angeles FC on Friday. He recorded a video message for the club’s Spanish Twitter account and excelled in his “almost perfect” Spanish.

Spicy: In Madrid he was always accused of not being able to speak the language. So is the video also a salute to his former club and the Spanish media?

Spain press rages over video message!

The Welshman was under contract with the “Royal” for nine years (2013 to 2022). Neither the fans nor the media caused melancholy when he left Madrid. Because he was always viewed critically. Both because of his performance – despite 81 La Liga goals in 176 games – and also because of his allegedly poor knowledge of Spanish.

The allegations: Missing identification. The newspaper “Marca” even described him as a “blood-sucking parasite” in March and now ran the headline “Bale goes to the USA to speak Spanish”. The paper complains that after nine years he can finally speak the language.

Bale on his language skills in the 2021 Times interview: “I speak well enough to get by and I understand everything that’s going on. The press was upset because I didn’t speak to them. And I didn’t speak Spanish to them. So they stage this big drama, this big soap opera.”

Una grande telenovela, so to speak. But Hollywood is also familiar with soap operas.



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