Milito grabbed pineapples with a collaborator from Central Córdoba

It stung hard in the middle of the match between Central Cordoba y Argentine Juniors. After an arbitral award Gabriel Milito He protested, the physical trainer from Central Córdoba reproached him for his complaint and they crossed paths strongly. So much so that referee Silvio Trucco decided to expel them both. But it did not stop there, because on the way to the locker room, Bicho’s coach directly fell into the hands of Facundo Gareca, Rondina’s collaborator, while security tried to separate them.

Watch the fight between Milito and Rondina’s assistant

Milito was beside himself. The cameras captured him when he threw a couple of pineapples at the people who were trying to separate him from Gareca. Then, the coach was removed from the stadium in a police mobile.

Who is Facundo Gareca? The Rondina Egg collaborator was a striker with a long career. He emerged in the First Division of Atlético Tucumán and went through Ferro, Arsenal, Huracán, Tiro Federal and Chacarita, among others. He also played for various teams abroad: Alianza Lima, Comunicaciones from Guatemala and Bella Vista from Uruguay.

Milito ended up being taken by the Police

Argentines won with a little gift

Central Córdoba has nothing left over. He fights not to go down and does not have a squad with a lot of turnover, El Rondina Egg is one of those technicians who takes water from the stones. He looks for reinforcements in Ascenso and builds competitive teams. Against Argentinos, in Santiago del Estero, he was getting a point in a game that had been complicated. Almost without generating any danger, he tied Bicho with a great header from Soraire and settled into the second half.

After a first half in which nothing had happened (the highlight was the discussion between Milito and Facundo Gareca who almost went to hell), Nicolás Reniero had put Argentinos ahead six minutes into the second half. And on top of that they didn’t suffer until that header from another match by Soraire at 22′. But… A handful of minutes later something incredible happened.

At the exit of a wide open corner kick that was not in real danger, kid Cansinos (Reserve striker who had entered for the injured Riaño) raised his hand as if he wanted to make a volleyball shot. Trucco did not see the rude action and had to rely on the VAR, After a couple of minutes of analysis, because it was not entirely clear if the youth from Central Córdoba touched her, the referee awarded the penalty and Torrén put the 2-1 final for the visit.

Everything that Central Córdoba had worked to reach a draw fell apart with a very silly move. Because in a really flat game, especially at the beginning, Argentinos knew how to control the development with possession of the ball. With Javier Cabrera as a playmaker and more intelligent in Bicho’s midfield, the visitors moved the ball well but lacked a bit of weight in the area. At times Reniero was very alone, because Nuss was not as spicy as on other occasions.

In any case, an overflow by Cabrera himself and a subsequent center back found the scorer inside the small area, who defined a cross. Until 2-1, it was one of the few clear ones that the Argentine team had. Already towards the end he did find more space and was able to define it against, but Toselli appeared with two good saves to leave a Ferroviario in the game who played poorly and ended up being disapproved by his fans.

For Argentinos, the victory was important because it put him back in the top squad and on top of that he climbed positions in the annual table, where he is in a position to fight for a place in the 2023 Copa Libertadores if he collects a good number of points. This yes, will have to be more regular and to confirm the one of last night.

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