Miguel Borja, the Colombian with the most goals in the world in 2022

The first half of 2022 has come to an end and several Colombian players stood out both in the BetPlay League and in soccer abroad. Striker Miguel Ángel Borja was the Colombian player with the most goals converted in the first half of the year. His great goalscoring ability made River Plate take notice of him and in this way the Cordovan will become the next reinforcement of the Muñeco Gallardo team for the second part of the year.

The 29-year-old attacker is the footballer with the most goals converted between January and June with 16 goals, 10 in the BetPlay League, 1 in the BetPlay Cup and 5 in the Copa Conmebol Sudamericana. The second place is occupied by Jeferson Rivas, who became a new reinforcement of Independiente Santa Fe, who in the first half scored 14 goals with Leones in the BetPlay Tournament, while the top 3 is closed by Dayro Moreno with 13 points. The Atlético Bucaramanga attacker finished as the top scorer in the BetPlay League.

Louis Ferdinand Muriel in Italy, Steven Mendoza in Brazil and Kevin Viveros in Venezuela they are the only two players in the top 10 who are playing abroad. All the other soccer players in the ranking are part of the first division of Colombia, among which Luis Carlos Ruiz stands out with Cortuluá (now signed by Millonarios), Anderson Plata with Deportes Tolima, Leonardo Castro with Deportivo Pereira and Wilson Morelo with Independiente Santa Fe, among others. others.

Player Equipment goals
1 Miguel Angel Borgia Junior 16
2 Sherson Rivas lions 14
3 Dayro Moreno Bucaramanga 13
4 Louis Ferdinand Muriel Atalanta (ITA) 11
5 Luis Carlos Ruiz Cortuluá 11
6 Anderson Plata Tolima 11
7 Steven Mendoza Ceará (BRA) 11
8 Kevin Viveros Carabobo (VEN) 10
9 Leonardo Casto Pereira 10
10 Wilson Morelo Santa Fe 10
11 Johar Mejia Bogotá FC 10
12 Oscar Estupinan Vitória SC ( POR) 9
13 Bladimir Diaz FAS (HON) 9
14 Christian Arango Los Angeles FC (USA) 9
15 John Camilo Zapata Colmenarez (VEN) 9
16 Christian Martinez Borja U. Católica (ECU) 9
17 Luis Sinisterra Feyenoord (NED) 9
18 Kevin Aladesami CEIF Fortress 9
19 David Castaneda Sreenidi (IND) 8
20 Justin Arboleda Olympia (HON) 8
21 Michael Rangel Tolima 8
22 Camilo Mena Valmiera (LET) 8
23 John David Angle Tepatitlan (MEX) 8
24 Duvier Riascos Meal 8
25 Adrian Ramos America 8
26 Andrés Quejada Atlético Marte (SAV) 8
27 louis diaz Porto / Liverpool 8
28 Adrian Parra CEIF Fortress 8
29 Luis Mina Quindio 8
30 Jefferson Duque National 8

Muriel, Borré and Díaz, the leaders of the top 5 in Europe

Luis Fernando Muriel is the Colombian player with the most goals among the teams of the 5 main leagues in Europe in the semester with 11 goals, followed by Rafael Santos Borré with 7 goals. The third place is occupied by Luis Díaz, who during the first six months of the year converted 8 goals, but only 6 while playing for Liverpool.

Luis Suarez of Granada occupies fourth place with 4 goals, while the top five are closed Juan Camilo ‘Cucho’ Hernandez and Kevin Agudelo who scored 3 goals each for Watford in England and Spezia in Italy, respectively.



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