Metro is champion by sweep

The ninth team from Panama Metro beat Chiriquí this morning 7-6 to be crowned champion of the National Tournament of Major Baseball 2022in a 10-episode match held at the Kenny Serracín stadium in the city of David.

In the tenth inning, with the score tied 5-5, Jorge Miranda hit unstoppable to drive in Jairo Carillo with the difference run and increased the advantage in the legs of Daniel Rodríguez driven by a hit by Eduardo Thomas.

With that victory, the people of the capital reach nine titles in the national baseball (1975, 1981, 1983, 1994, 2001, 2010, 2016 and 2019), since they were born as the Provincial League, while Chiriquí remains tied with 16 with Herrera.

Curiously, the last time they won was also at the Kenny Serracín in 2019, led by José Murillo III. It is also the first championship for Carlos Lee III.

José Regalado was the winning pitcher, with two one-run innings, and the defeat went to Abdiel Saldaña.

On offense, the following stood out for Metro: Eduardo Thomas 4-2, Jorge Miranda 6-2, Jairo Carillo 3-1, Daniel Rodríguez and Abraham Rodríguez 4-1.

And for Chiriquí: Einstein Gutiérrez 6-3, Ariel Serrano 5-3, Erasmo Caballero 4-2.



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