Mazatlán FC is crushed at home by Puebla

MAZATLAN._ A stumbled start to the season had the Mazatlan FCafter falling at home by a score of 4-2 against Club Puebladuring the first day of the Opening 2022 from League MX.

Silence reigned in El Kraken this Friday night, after the slugger team could not have the expected start in their first game of the tournament when they were overtaken offensively by the “La Franja” team.

Mazatlan FC could not show his best game in attack as he was constantly annulled by the Pueblan defense, which did not let the gunboats They had many chances of danger.

After only five minutes of running time, those of the Puebla they went up with annotation by Israel Reyes.

The goal fell after a corner kick, where Reyes only received the ball after an extension in the center of the area, to define with great technique, and despite the fact that it was initially scored out of place, the VAR ended up decreeing the score.

By the 13th minute, a counterattack play by the Puebla he left Fernando Aristeguieta alone against Nicolás Vikonis, who managed to stop the Venezuelan’s first shot, but for the second, Aristeguieta only pushed the ball into the goal for the second sweet potato goal.

Mazatlan had some dangerous plays near the end of the first half when Eduard Bello sent a cross into the opponent’s area, where Marco Fabián finished off a cross, sending the ball to the side of the right post.

It was for the second half when Mazatlan managed to open the scoring, because after just one minute of play, Marco Fabián managed to send a dangerous center into the rival area, where Eduard Bello finished off with determination and shook the rival nets.

However, when it seemed that the gunboats they would have the opportunity to reach the poblanos on the scoreboard, the course of the game was again for the Camoteros at 57′ when they scored their third goal, when Martín Barragán found the ball in the small area and sent it into the goal, after a corner kick charge.

The “nail” that ended up defining the win for the blue-and-blues fell in the 76th minute, after a counterattack by Gustavo Ferrareis, who after a cross, sent the ball to Amaury Escoto with a cross, who simply pushed the ball to shake the nets, after defeating Vikonis.

Mazatlan managed to wake up near the end of the match when the young Gabriel López, who made his debut with the senior team after coming from the Sub 20, managed to score a goal after a powerful shot from outside the area, putting the second of the gunboats.

After the Buenos Aires annotation, the gunboats they had a greater deployment on offense, managing to have several dangerous plays, which in the end did not materialize.

One of the clearest was a foul committed by Jorge Padilla on the edge of the area, which had been marked as a penalty, but after a VAR review, a free kick was decreed, which Carlos Vargas charged with great technique, but ended up saving Antony Silva, being the last play of the match.

Good debut of the reinforcements

A detail to be highlighted by the Mazatlan FC It was the debut that the reinforcements had gunboatswho despite the result, showed that they were ready and up to the task to compete in the league, displaying a good level of play.

Players like Enrique Cedillo, Édgar Bárcenas and Gabriel López displayed a high level of play, causing dangerous situations in favor of Mazatlanas well as one of the team’s many.

what’s coming

On day 2, the gunboats They will be local again when they host Tigres on July 8.



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