Mayer Candelo warns Teófilo Gutiérrez in Deportivo Cali: statements make an impact and are news | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

Mayer Candelo you have faith and want to turn the situation around Deportivo Cali. The sugar technical director has taken office to return the hierarchy to the team, but for that he needs players with a lot of commitment to carry out the reality of the club.

However, he has not been able to count on a man of experience, such as Guillermo Burdisso or Theophilus Gutierrezwho can inject experience into the group.

Precisely, Candelo spoke of Teo Gutiérrez, who should shoulder the team, but was expelled in Mayer’s first game as coach.

“Every day we are trying to help him to contribute to his condition. No one is going to ignore his talent, but this is often not only talent but also commitment, responsibility, daily work.. I have 30 players. We don’t have anything left but we are seeing who is better at the moment (…). Teo comes from an expulsion, you have to train better. We are looking to put him at a better point physically and football-wise”, said Candelo in statements to ‘La Banda Deportiva’.

Then, Mayer threw a phrase that serves as a warning to the Barranquilla striker: “I don’t need Teo, I need the one who is committed to Deportivo Cali. Anyone who is committed is welcome on my team. Just as I hand the keys to everyone, I take them away too. East It is a matter of mutual respect, of commitments, of working every day, of helping each other because no one is unaware of his conditions. We all know about his talent, his magic, his experience, but we need everyone’s commitment”.

For the Cali coach, Teófilo “is one more, like anyone else.” “I say it right now, not out of ego or pride or because he is the savior. The savior are the 33 players I have and the one who is the best is the one I am going to count on. This is not a personal matter but collective as a team that we are. As long as Teo gets well, as he should be and as we all do, he is one more like anyone who has the opportunity to trouble me so that I make a decision ”.

“When I arrived, Teo was already there, they had already improved his contract, they had renewed him, everything. So I come in and empower all my players. I gave everyone my trust, my love and respect, demanding the same from everyone because this is Deportivo Cali. The favors, the friendships, the friends, the children are over. This is soccer. We are in a situation in which I cannot give anything to anyone, “Candelo continued.

Finally, the DT analyzed: “Teófilo has been the team captain when I arrived, but that does not mean that he will play. He has the same condition as the others. This is not called Teo but Deportivo Cali. we want it to be alrightthat he contributes to us and gives us the best because I am the first to applaud him for his talent, his condition and his magic to play football well, but I can’t live in the past. If I live from the past, I have to play”.



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