Marcelo Flores, in his presentation: “It’s always a dream to go to the World Cup, but my focus is on Oviedo”

What for many seemed like a dream today has come true. Marcelo Flores has already worn the Real Oviedo shirt, with the “19” on the back, at his presentation as the new blue player. At the event, where he was accompanied by Tito Blanco and his father, Ruben Flores, the Mexican dared to answer all the questions in Spanish, despite the fact that it was not his dominant language as he was born in Canada and spent his entire adolescence in England. and he has already released his first words as a carbayón footballer.

“I am very happy to be here, they have received me very well. I am ready to show what I am, I am going to work very hard for the team”, confessed the Aztec in the press room, who acknowledged being delighted with his new city and with the atmosphere in Oviedo. The midfielder arrives on loan from Arsenal, although Mikel Arteta, coach of the English team, did not influence his decision. “They told me if I wanted to come and I accepted. I think the decision was the right one to choose this beautiful club, ”he acknowledged, warning that he is here to work hard, do his best and show everything he can give for the blue shirt.

Marcelo Flores, who says he is ready to make his debut tomorrow in the friendly against Burgos, tried to dispel doubts about his adaptation, since “although the leap from playing in the under-23s to going to a first team is very big, all the Arsenal teachers taught me a lot to be prepared for this change. “Training with the Arsenal first team gives me an experience that can help me a lot. I want to live up to expectations, I’m ready to integrate,” he said.

The jump from playing in the U23 to going to a first team is very big, all the teachers taught me a lot to be ready for this ready, training with the first team, those experiences help a lot to see the expectations, ready to see and integrate

“It is always a dream to go to the World Cup, but my focus is on the club. I want to play well at Oviedo, give my best. If it can go better, but otherwise I will stay in Oviedo playing the best I can, “added Flores about his options to be in Qatar. The international Mexican could be among Tata Martino’s options if his performance as a carbayón is the desired one.



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