Luxury Set, the elegant way of dressing in Nintendo Switch Sports

A new update for Nintendo Switch Sports is on the way and the way to get the refined Luxury Set is now available.

This week Nintendo had some announcements related to the successor of Wii Sports and one of them is Luxury Collection. By collecting the rewards in-game and completing this collection players can unlock the Luxury Set Completion Bonus in Nintendo Switch Sports. However, to achieve the above they must hurry. The reason is that they only have a few weeks to do it.

It became available at 10:00 pm PT on July 20 and will end at 10:00 pm PT on August 10. To these schedules you must add two hours if you live in the center of Mexico. The Luxury Set which can be obtained as a bonus in Nintendo Switch Sports includes accessories Luxury Panama Hat, Luxury Beret, Luxury Earring y Luxury Sunglasses. But it also brings other pieces of equipment that complement it.

This is how you can get Volleyball Gear, Cute Volleyball; Badminton Gear, Tricolor Badminton Racket; Bowling Gear, Classic Bowling Ball; Soccer Gear, Confetti; Chambara Gear, Cute Sword; y Tennis Gear, Tricolor Tennis Racket. Titles can also be obtained. In the case of Titles 1 would Innovative, Mayor, Toasty y Ash; and of Titles 2, Good Night, Greetings, Founding y Colleague. Now, how can you get the above?

Well, it is necessary to play online in random encounters and get points. The latter are the ones used to buy costumes, sports accessories, equipment and other options to customize the game’s avatars. The selection of items changes every week. Besides of Luxury Set this week comes to Nintendo Switch Sports a new free update. It will be from 6:00 pm PT on July 26 and will add extra options.

One is that kicks in real life in Soccer they will be replicated in the game and all thanks to the compatibility of the accessory Leg Strap more control Joy-Con. Hands can also be waved as if the player were jogging to run. By playing this way the shots will be more powerful. The new patch will still add new moves to Volleyballwhich are Slide Attack y Rocket Serve which will be very useful.

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Another addition to Nintendo Switch Sports are the levels S Rank y ∞ Rank when playing the Pro Leagueand the use of Room IDs or room identifiers when playing Friend Matches. We will see how popular the new options coming to this game become.

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