Luis Henrique has made his choice!

Barring a huge twist, Luis Henrique should leave Marseille during this summer transfer window. The Brazilian winger has several options. He would have made his choice.

In recent days, an agreement with Torino for a loan with OA of €6m has been mentioned. Luis Henrique would however have other possibilities. Indeed, according to information from RMC Sport and the South American media Globo Esporte, Nantes and OM “are negotiating a deal for the transfer of the 20-year-old player. » The Brazilian player was not back in training yesterday, he could leave Marseille before the end of the week. Antoine Kombouaré would like to recover Luis Henrique, especially since Simon is announced on the departure. However, Nantes and PSV are not the only clubs on the spot…

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Henrique chose Nantes

If the PSV would also consider recovering the OM player during the summer transfer window, we learn in the columns of the newspaper La Provence this Friday that the young Brazilian has made his choice. The latter would thus like to join FC Nantes. He would thus remain in Ligue 1 and could play in the Europa League next season.

Ribalta will take care of sales — Mr. Grégoire

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“Pablo Longoria considers Javier Ribalta to be one of his references in football, he said in an interview in Provence in December 2020. A reference with Fabio Paratici the former sports director of Juventus, today of Tottenham. Ribalta is his friend, I think he surrounds himself, he has improved his close guard, I think Ribalta will take care of sales in particular. We have seen that he is already very active on the Luis Henrique file at Torino with his Italian networks, because we have to get out of the players, I think he will relieve Longoria of certain tasks but afterwards in the profile indeed we’re on something quite similar, focused on Longoria, but maybe Longoria thinks he has a lot to do as president, he doesn’t really like that, interviews, meetings with Benoît Payan, rent is not his favorite area. Longoria thinks that Ribalta could come back to the heart of the work like the architecture of the deals, stuff like that. Personally I think it’s modern football. I compare Longoria to Luis Campos (technical director of PSG) and Ribalta is a bit like that too, they have their qualities and their faults. Their qualities are that they will sometimes bet on a player who is going to have an explosion, on a very great talent, besides that, they are managers of the new generation who work a lot with mandates, with always the same agents with commissions, it’s the Campos side in Lille, we saw it with the transfer of Victor Osimhen where there are things poorly explained. In my opinion, there are good and bad sides, I do not judge that, I just say that it corresponds to modern football. But, whether it’s Longoria or Ribalta, to make the transfer window, it’s great, they are specialists but there are good and bad sides. » Mathieu Gregoire – Source: Marseille Football Club (06/27/2022)



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