Longing for the old football world

UHey Seeler, there won’t be one like that anymore! Not only former teammates of the German soccer idol say that. Since the news of the hamburger’s death on Thursday at the age of 86, half the nation seems convinced. So humble, so honest, so loyal, and that’s why he grew up so much in his homeland. A world-class striker renounces the lure of the money that Inter Milan had offered him in 1961: 1.2 million marks, unimaginable at the time.

But Seeler stayed where he came from. time of his life. And so he rose to become a sports idol, if not a role model for most German football fans. Seeler stood for reliability, which is being lost more and more, for the trust that an important sentence does not hide any sophistry that opens the way to the opposite tomorrow: “As of today,” professionals are now fond of saying, “I fulfill my goal Contract.”

Uwe Seeler was a star of the people

Uwe Seeler fulfilled something bigger. The longing not to be abandoned as soon as the wide world is open to a highly gifted person. With his decision to stay with HSV forever, he lent some of his shine on the field to all those who had no choice, who had to stay in order to survive. Seeler believably pretended not to forget for a minute how important it is to cultivate the field in which one grew up. Ambitious, passionate, successful. So he became, which no living German can claim, a star of the people, always at eye level: “Us Uwe”.

Connected to “his” city of Hamburg to the end: Uwe Seeler

Image: dpa

The decadence of the football business these days makes Seeler appear as a fixed point for a way back to a more sensible world. How about modesty? With a departure from the ludicrous transfer fees, indecent appearing daily wages of 100,000 euros? At the beginning of the Bundesliga, the maximum payment was 1200 marks – per month, not per hour. But that was almost 60 years ago. Seeler’s rejection of Inter Milan was an issue when the Bundesliga didn’t even exist.



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