LNBP Final: Astros Femenil confident of obtaining the title against Adelitas

Guadalajara /

After several days of waiting to meet the rival and after being crowned in the South Zone, the team from Astros de Jalisco Femenil will be ready to face the Adelitas de Chihuahua for the Grand Final of the LNBP Women.

Coach Jonathan Villegas spoke about the way his players have experienced the last hours and the motivation that exists to lift one more title after reaching glory recently.

And there is confidence from what has been shown throughout the season that the Astros can proclaim themselves the winner in this Final, despite how tough their rival will be.

“Of course we have a lot of confidence in winning the title, that’s what we’re here for, we have the players we want, at the moment we want, in the end it’s basketball, the ball can turn when going in or out, but I think more than confidence to win the championship is the confidence that we will do it well, we are going to leave our hearts to win that title, what happens in the end is another question, that’s how this sport is, but because of desire or desire it will not stay”, he assured.

For that they will have to strike a blow in Chihuahua, understanding that next week it will be the turn of the Jalisco quintet to receive the series at home, where they can finish it.

“The reality is that it is the whole team, not just the staff, we are all planned, Thursday morning was long, it was planned and we slept little, but we already have that game plan, how we want to play, what we must do and we have to be prepared to modify, that’s why we have plan A, B and C, we have to win at least one there, if we can both, better, because there is no later, we risk everything, “he said.

It is worth mentioning that the series will take place on Friday and Saturday at Adelitas’ house, for July 13 and 14, games three and four will be held at the Astros Arena, if necessary, on July 16 there would be one more game in Guadalajara lands and game six and seven, if they existed, would return to Chihuahua.




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