Laure-Minervois: General Assembly of Haut Minervois Olympic Football

Recently, the general meeting of the Haut Minervois Olympique football club took place.

In the presence of the town halls of Laure-Minervois, Émile Raggini, and the mayor of Peyriac-Minervois, Denise Gils.

President Christophe Lair, after thanking everyone, drew up the report for the year.

Nine municipalities

This year, the HMO, there are 197 licensees grouping nine municipalities of Minervois with the arrival, this year, of Villeneuve-Minervois. It brings together 10 teams (two seniors and two women).

An association that invests in the influence of the Minervois territory by offering many successful festivities: tournament, wine festival, in association with the town hall of Rieux-Minervois, bingo, garage sales, party at Laure-Minervois and, soon , the Carcassonne fair.

A positive season overall after difficult years and good results from the teams as well as from the football school, in particular seniors1 who go up to Regional 3, finishing in the semi-finals of the Lopez Cup, and seniors 2, finishing in the quarter reserve cup final.

The club sees itself again obtaining the hope label for the football school.

We are recruiting

Due to the progress of the club, the HMO is recruiting players of all categories for next season as well as coaches to supervise young people.

The new office : president, Christophe Lair, deputy, Mr. Kaddour and vice-president, Mr. Bouyssis; Mr. Dessagnes, football school manager, and Mr. Cambon, deputy; treasurer, Mr. Blas; general secretary, Pauline Icard-Llaserap; senior secretary, Mr. Delmas; secretary in charge of communication, Marine Brunel; deputy, Ms. Brunel; secretary in charge of events, Ms. Artigas.



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