Lasmanis and “Aliens” fail in the “Big3” league

“Aliens” lost to “Power” with a score of 43:51 (13:27).

Lasmanis added one rebound, one assist and one foul and a personal tip to his four points.

Dushans Bulut was the most productive for “Aliens” with 25 points, while Deshon Stevens stood out with ten points, nine rebounds and four assists.

Timothy Joseph Kline scored 14 points for the opposition, and Royce White had 13 points and six assists.

“Aliens” takes second place in the 12-team competition with four wins in six games.

In the “Big3” league, 50 points and a lead of at least two points are required for victory. The game time is unlimited, but one attack has 14 seconds. Another of the most significant differences from the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) tournaments is that in the “Big3” league there is not only a three-point shot, but also a four-point shot.

The “Big 3” season races will take place every weekend until the beginning of August, when the finals are scheduled.

The coach of the “Aliens” is Rick Mahorn, who together with the Detroit “Pistons” won the championship of the National Basketball Association in 1989. In addition to Lasmans, “Aliens” includes two Serbs, team captain Dušan Bulut and Tomislav Ivošev, as well as two Americans, Deshon Stevens and Edam Drexler.



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