Laguneros achieve runner-up in Colombia

The little players from La Laguna, representatives of the Big Leaguers Academy, had a very outstanding performance in the Colombia Baseball Classic international tournament, held a few days ago in the city of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia.

After making a great effort to raise funds and prepare with training, a large delegation of lagoons made the trip to the coffee land, where they played in two categories, 15-U and 8-U. higher division, for boys with a limit of 15 years of age, the Lagunero team did not manage to advance from the group stage, in which they finished with a record of one game won and three lost, when facing very well-armed teams, with players who they are already observed by scouts to sign them to professionalism.

For its part, the team under 8 years of age, finished the group stage with a couple of 2 wins and 2 losses, which took them to the semifinal, in which they knocked out the squad from Panama. In the starting game, against the hosts of Colombia, the lagoon team was down in the score by 7 runs to 0, but they never gave up and managed to tie the score, although at the bottom of the last inning, the coffee growers scored the run of the victory and those of La Laguna stayed with the runner-up.



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