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Interview with Rissho University Masataka Tate and Kazuya Uchida (Part 1)

 Kazuya Uchida, who won the national championship at Koshien in the summer of 2001, as the main force of Nihon Univ. In the same year, he was nominated by Yakult in the 4th round and entered the professional team, but he did not produce any results. After working as a salaryman after his retirement, he became a high school teacher and is aiming for Koshien as a baseball manager. He asked Kazuya Uchida about his thoughts on high school baseball.

Director Kazuya Uchida of Rissho University Masataka, who has experience of national domination in high school
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Benefits of former professional coach

──What kind of life did you have after retiring as a professional baseball player in 2007?

“While living as a salaryman at a consulting company, I attended Waseda University’s e-school at night. I immediately entered a professional career after graduating from high school, so it took me five years to get a university qualification and a teacher’s license.”

──Why the path of a high school teacher?

“I was influenced by Masayoshi Ogura of the Nihon Univ. 3rd High School Baseball Club, and from the age of 18 and 19, I vaguely thought,’I want to be a high school baseball manager in the future. I want to create a team like this.’ , When I retired from active duty, I couldn’t teach unless I had two years of teaching experience due to the student baseball qualification recovery system. “

──But you weren’t invited to Rissho University’s Rissho High School (hereafter Rissho University Rissho High School) as a baseball manager, right?

“That’s right. It’s often misunderstood, but in order, I became a teacher at Rissho University Shinagawa, and then I was assigned to teach the baseball club. So at the beginning. I was surprised by students and parents other than the baseball club, “Well, did Mr. Uchida win the Koshien in high school?” Or “Is he a former professional baseball player?” (smile)”

──What is the turning point in your life for Director Uchida?

“It’s a tryout. In 2006, I received a notification from Yakult that I was out of force. I’m sorry to disappoint everyone’s expectations, including director Ogura (of Nihon Univ. 3rd High School), parents, and friends who told me to play an active role as a professional. I feel sorry …. I think there were many other players who had similar feelings. I still remember that heavy atmosphere of the tryout that was held by gathering such players. Results , I got a contract from Seibu, but I feel that I learned that it is important not to give up. I am teaching the career path of high school students, and my tryout and high school The students listen to the story of his classmate Kazuki Kondo (who won the title of the best intermediate pitcher in his 17th year as a professional). “



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