Klubov lska and for the grave? Don’t pay that much. Keep up the football provocations

The new one is written on it with a marker in large letters: For my beloved Slavia.

Signed by Jakub Jankto, member of the national football team.

And soon he will be sent to Sparta, where according to the latest reports, he will go to the guesthouse with an option from Getafe in Spain.

If this song clicks – and it seems that Sparta has an eminent name – there will be another boom connected. For more than a century, the tension between clubs with a capital S has been rising.

As if it didn’t matter that Sparta was already sawing the foothills of Kuchta, the long-standing Slavic support of Russia.

Jan Kuchta, Sparta’s new football coach.

I have a crush on Jankto, a left-footed ikul and an attentive boy who, in addition to football, is building a parallel career as the owner of an esports team and is fluent in three world languages. But he also has a gloomy life, his former partner was not allowed to quote in the tabloids that Jankto does not pay alimony for his son.

During his football journey, the thin youngster profiled himself as an inveterate player, even though he didn’t play a single minute in the current league and fell in love with Italy as a teenager.

When, two weeks ago, he was asked in an Internet message by one of the girls if he would go to Sparta by chance, he answered with a smile: I am faithful in this. I once played for Slavia, so I’m a Slavist.

When, on Monday, fans on social media began to speculate about a move to Sparta, the interviewer simply downplayed the conversation and claimed that he was speaking in exaggeration.

Whether this explanation will be worth saving remains to be seen.

Absolutely not, in terms of his entanglements with his arch-rival.

And the league launched a remarkable pass rush, with which the sack was torn open. Slavia was the first competitor. From afar, Arbia found the Romanian member Stancia, who before the transfer was a captain in Sparta. Then last year, after the end of the contract, he chased the Serbian club Plavia, only to the last moment he denied that he was negotiating with Slavi at all. Crooked, the couple gave a nice soda to the thunder.

Transfers to the most famous addresses will not be released for a long time, but they are still a shame. Sparta was swinging to violent events.

The payoff is manifold.

In addition to Tonka Kuchta, the pair agreed with another ex-Slavist Zelen, who won a place in the center of the defense during the summer training. In addition to this, the Hradec worker Mejdr, who was selected by Trpiovsk as a reinforcement for his defense.

And Jankto is already 26 years old, the chair in the national team of coach Ilhavo.

Good choice or risk?

Jankto suffered during the season in Getafe in Panglao. Even because of a sore ankle, he only started from the stop, he didn’t give up. He entered the statistics with two assists and a red card. Since his arrest, he has played only one game, otherwise he sat on the bench and in the stands.

So again: good choice or risk?

You can use two of several heads to get to Letná.

Like a slobber: Betrayed! And they send each other contempt.

Jakub Jankto to ride in the Slavia jersey in a duel with Alee Matj.

As an optimistic optimist: Great move, we will increase the competition and we can go to the left wing, which is the city that is struggling with it.

As a frustrated pessimist: When Ladislav Krej, a striker from Bologna and a club patriot, went out on the left, how can a slugger who hasn’t played for half a year help him?

As a fan: A very interesting move for the league. Although Sparta Jankta will not use the extreme duet against Stavanger on Thursday, it is a matter of advancing to the second qualifying round of the Conference League, but for the home game it is a thunderous name. That’s when the battle between Slavia and Sparta begins.

As Jankto: The most important point of view, or only he knows how things are. Teba is in a pinch and you have to decide how to continue in career. If somewhere shaded, or still on the main screen.

But if he really wears the red jersey, he has to deal with the fact that even a big drinking fight will get him fired.


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