Kahn praises round table on Qatar

Vchief Oliver Kahn praised FC Bayern Munich’s round table on the controversial issue of Qatar as revealing. The former national goalkeeper also thanked club members Michael Ott and Robin Feinauer, who were critical of Qatar, in the Allianz Arena on Monday evening.

With the event, Kahn explained, the aim was to show “that you can sit down at a table, regardless of different opinions and attitudes, meet, listen and exchange ideas.”

The approximately two-hour discussion, in which the Qatar sponsorship of the FC Bayern The main organizer of the 2022 World Cup, Hassan Al-Thawadi, also took part.

FC Bayern has a sponsorship contract with Qatar Airways that runs until 2023. The business relationship with Train is a hot topic in the club’s fan scene because of the controversial human rights situation in the host country of the 2022 World Cup and the working conditions on the World Cup construction sites.

Bayern member Ott had wanted to submit a spontaneous application at the turbulent annual general meeting of FC Bayern in autumn 2021 to have the sponsorship voted on with the airline. The presidency did not allow it. Ott then sharply criticized the behavior of the FCB leadership.

“Actively promoting Qatar, I think that’s the wrong way,” said Ott, criticizing an allegedly “one-sided brand message from Qatar” and citing, among other things, the much-criticized human rights situation in the country. “If there is no red line for an advertising partnership with Qatar, where are there still red lines for FC Bayern?”

Qatar has been repeatedly criticized for systematic human rights violations and the exploitation of migrants. The government of the wealthy emirate has denied the allegations and is leading reforms in favor of foreign workers.



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