Judo Bavarian League: Rötzer fight bravely – Sport

“From our point of view, the second half was a bit unfortunate at times,” explained Braun. Even then, Rötz wasn’t as bad as the end result would suggest, emphasized Mederer. “One must not forget that it was still Abensberg II,” said Braun. In addition to Mederer, the extremely strong Andreas Ettl (up to 81 kilograms) also won his two duels early on Saturday. Only Sven Hörmann (also up to 81 kilograms) won another fight for Rötz, all other encounters went to Abensberger.

Sven Hörmann injured

Hörmann was injured in his second fight, in which the decision was made in favor of his opponent Paul Neuberger after more than four minutes in the “Golden Score”, and was then only able to leave the mat with the support of a paramedic and a teammate. Late on Saturday evening, Rötzer carefully gave the all-clear: “My tapes all seem to be intact.”

FC Rötz will continue in the Bayernliga in two weeks. On Saturday, July 16th, TSV Großhadern Munich will be the next big opponent in Guttensteinerstadt.



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