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… summed up the main referee Ludwig Trader the judo national games of the Special Olympics in Regensburg, which took place from July 19th to 21st, 2022 in the RT hall. And this quote underlines the great mood and the pleasant atmosphere that the spectators, the judges, the organizers, the officials and, last but not least, the athletes were able to experience.

In nine homogeneous competition classes, 28 ID judoka from Bavaria fought for gold, silver, bronze and placement. Unfortunately, the number of participants was very manageable, what Alvin Brenner, Advisor for Inclusion and Integration in the Bavarian Judo Association, very much regretted. But the effects of Corona, like the national games that took place in Berlin just four weeks ago, were clearly felt.

Ultimately, it was the judoka from Munich (Augustinum/ SF Harteck) who made the tournament possible with 21 participants, followed by the Attl Foundation / TSV Rott am Inn with six participants and a brave young judoka from TSV 1880 Schwandorf Tigers.

In addition to the individual competition, there was also a team comparison, compiled with matches that were as balanced as possible. And it was precisely in these encounters that it was shown again that judo always offers surprises: several comparisons ended contrary to the results in the individual competition. No one was sure of victory, not even the gold medalists. The result between the “Special Olympics Hornissen” and the “Landesspiele Löwen” ended somewhat surprisingly clearly with 7:3 for the Hornissen.

Since the fight was only on one mat, the judges could take turns and also follow the competition. HKR was Ludwig Trader who, like KR Georg Lamminger, Ralph Boehm, Ivan Sturm, Alexander Lang and Michael Sterner commanded the battles outstandingly and sovereignly.

The following judoka won


Alessia Schmidt, Martina Riedl, Luis Steger, Sandro Hanukah, Lukas Nguyen, Lukas Schönfeld, Tobias Reineck (all Augustinum-SF Harteck Munich)
Sabrina Bargel (Foundation Attl – TSV Rott am Inn), Finn Heck (Friedl-Eder-School Munich-BC Ismaning)


Lara Holzmüller, Charlotte Schöler, Szymon Kolazinski, Josua Deckert, Lorenz Seewald, Michael Bleicher, Justin Michel (all Augustinum-SF Harteck Munich)
Stefan Oppelt, Florian Stöger (both Attl Foundation – TSV Rott am Inn)


Viktoria Tsachamachtsidou, Emina Zahirovic, Lisa Hopf, Kyrill Rysev, Maximilian Massepp, Michael Langer (all Augustinum-SF Harteck Munich)
Thomas Dobrouschek, Florian Linsner (both Foundation Attl-TSV Rott am Inn), Elias Springer (TSV 1880 Schwandorf Tigers)

4th place Benjamin Schreiber (Augustinum-SF Harteck Munich)

Text: Alwin Brenner Pictures: Alwin Brenner/ Ludwig Tradler

edited: Florian Ellmann




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