Jonasrutsch about the hardships at the cycling highlight

Dhe diary of Jonasrutsch from the Tour de France is regularly updated here. His reports are recorded by Alex Westhoff.

Tag 22: Thursday in the Pyrenees was particularly brutal. Up until then it had actually gone. But on Thursday, after 50 kilometers with van Aert, I drove up in a small wave to an escape group in front of the first mountain and, whoa, apparently I totally pulled my teeth because I just went too much into the red zone. We already had two people up front from the team and I was hoping that I could support them a bit and that maybe the people at the back would let us drive because no team would be interested in bringing us back. But it was not so.

Quick-Step followed like hell. Then at the end of the climb we only had 30 seconds. It wasn’t what I had imagined. I thought we’d go into the climb with a two-minute cushion, then you’d do your work for them both and then at some point you’d fall behind and then a group would gather at the back and you’d continue with the other people doing their work to have.

But then there was a big explosion in the group. At some point I was caught up by the group with the yellow jersey, with all the favorites for the general classification. I followed it for a short time, but I wasn’t able to ride for a long time either, maybe three kilometers, because I had shot myself into lactate beforehand.

Then I had to find a group to finish the stage with. I found it, then it was better, but that first mountain really hurt. I have no idea what the mountains were called that followed, I just wanted to get to the finish line. The descents were also very difficult, some roads with loose stones on the asphalt. You saw that when Pogacar fell.



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