Japan’s basketball team loses to the United States and Hungary in the “U17 World Cup” and will face Germany tonight for 7th place in the final round-Basketball Count | Basket Count

Both the United States and Hungary suffer a large number of goals in the first quarter

The U17 Women’s Basketball National Team is challenging the “U17 Women’s World Cup” that has been held in Hungary since July 9.

Japan, who defeated Slovenia 64-58 in the first round of the final tournament on the 13th, will face the United States in the quarterfinals on the 15th. The United States has won the “U17 World Cup” four times in the past five times, and even in this tournament, three games out of four games won with a double score without suffering a black star even once including the qualifying group. In addition, he is demonstrating his ability as a candidate for the championship, with a big win against New Zealand by 68 points and a match against South Korea by 85 points.

And, like the other teams, Japan was able to fully show the abilities of the United States. He couldn’t carry the ball as he expected in front of the United States, which set up an all-court defense from the start, and was run from a turnover and defense rebound, and in about 3 minutes from the start, he completely dominated the game with 0-17. After that, Japan sewed between the American zone presses to connect the balls, and Kanna Shibata sank a 3-point shot to score the first goal. However, the United States continued to develop unilaterally after that, finishing the first quarter with 7-43. In the second quarter, Japan started to spin the ball little by little, increasing the chances of scoring, but lost with a final score of 38-112. In this match, Tokoka scored 13 points and 4 rebounds and 2 steals, including 2 successful 3-point shots, which is the only double-digit score for the team.

Japan, which lost the match against the United States, played against Hungary in the 5th-8th place deciding match on the 16th. It was also a revenge for Japan as they lost to Hungary 55-79 in the qualifying group. However, in addition to the size of an average height of 180 cm (174 cm in Japan), he could not stop the Hungarian offense, which also had mobility, and allowed a big quarter with 7-24 in the first quarter, losing with a final score of 45-67. .. In this match, Yuka Yagi has recorded 15 points and 2 rebounds and 2 steals, including one successful 3-point shot, which is the only double-digit score for the team. Japan has played against Hungary twice (2014 and 2018) in the “U17 Women’s World Cup” and twice in this tournament, but could not name the first white star.

Japan will face Germany in the next round for 7th place. Whether this match against Germany cries or laughs, it will be the final match of this tournament. I hope that the young Japanese national team will play their basketball and finish the tournament with a victory. The 7th place deciding match between Japan and Germany is scheduled to start at 19:30 on Sunday, July 17th, Japan time.

U17 Women’s Japan National Team
Awa Kadowaki (GF / 177cm / Hokuetsu High School 3rd year)
Hanane Suzuki (SF / 174cm / Meishu Gakuen Hitachi High School 2nd year)
Miyoshi Maho (PG / 171cm60kg / Prefectural Hiroshima Minami High School 3rd year)
Tokoka (SG / 159cm / 54kg / Fukuoka University Wakaba High School 2nd year)
Shinon Ueno (GF / 176cm / 68kg / Seiwa Gakuen High School 3rd year)
Miki Shimoda (PG / 175cm / Saitama Sakae High School 2nd year)
Misaki Nishida (SF / 172cm / Anjo Gakuen High School 2nd year)
Sina Ogami (PF / 180cm / 69kg / Prefectural Hiroshima Minami High School 2nd year)
Yagi Yuka (F/176cm/68kg/Kyoto Seika Gakuen High School 2 years)
Anka Sasaki (PF / 178cm / Shibata Gakuen High School 3rd year attached to Shibata Gakuen University)
Nata Kakuyo (C / 177cm / 2nd year high school attached to Chiba Keizai University)
Kanna Shibata (SF / 173cm / Kyoto Seika Gakuen High School 3rd year)



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