“It’s heroic what he did,” savors Goran Ivanisevic, coach of Djokovic

The winner of the 2001 edition, now coach of Novak Djokovic, savors the success of his protege.

At Wimbledon,

Due to his non-vaccination with Covid-19, the Serb lived through complicated months in 2022, after his detention in Australia and his expulsion from the country before the first Major of the year, in January. “ It’s been a shitty year so far, loose Ivanisevic. Pfor him, but also for his loved ones. There was Australia, everything that followed. It took him a while to get back into shape. Lose against Rafa (Nadal) in Paris, it was something normal. But for me he was the favorite here. He really deserves it. He went through this ordeal. I never doubted him. He took the time he needed to recover and process everything that happened to him. There are people who would never recover, who would never play tennis again. The way he got over it is heroic. Three, four weeks before Roland-Garros, he was not allowed to play the tournament. It was difficult to establish a timetable. We train but we don’t know why we train. Now it’s better. You know where you can go, where you can’t go. »

The Croatian is also relieved that the four-time defending champion did not fall into the Nick Kyrgios trap: “ We cannot prepare a match against Nick Kyrgios. He’s a tennis genius. He does not know what he will play in the next point. We just focused on what Novak had to do. Nick Kyrgios for me is by far the best server in the game, very unpredictable. You have to take every opportunity that comes your way because you don’t have many. He also knew that when Nick starts talking, he would be vulnerable. It happened in the third set when Nick was leading 40 times, 4 times, and suddenly Novak broke him and he was talking to his box. It’s Nick.»

Now it’s time for a forced vacation since Djokovic cannot, for the time being, go to the United States, because of his unvaccinated status ” There’s a movie at my house, c’est “Long, Hot Summer”. This is going to be me long and hot summer vacation, smiled the Croatian. Maybe Biden (the President of the United States) will change his mind about the unvaccinated. ” Or “ Novax Would Djokovic be ready to be vaccinated? “A lot of crazy things are happening in the world. We still have, what, a month and a half left. Anything can happen or not happen.»



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