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Beautiful team cheerleaders
The 14th Yomiuri Giants Official Mascot Girl “VENUS” Part 1
2022 Season Team Black 11

Cheerleaders of each baseball team who liven up professional baseball games on stands and on the ground.Fu who is nailed to their high level dance
There should be many In this series, we interview the cheerleaders of each team about their thoughts on dance and teams. For the 14th time, we interviewed 22 members of the 2022 season of the Yomiuri Giants official mascot girl “VENUS”. The first part introduces 11 members of Team Black!

Members of VENUS Team Black
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Rino IizukaRino Iizuka
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● Iizuka Rino 
Venus history: 2nd year
Birthplace: Tokyo
Special skill: Miss Uguisu, elevator girl impersonator

-Why did you decide to join Venus?

“I’ve always loved dancing since I was little, and I had a dream of dancing on a big stage someday. At that time, I watched a game at Tokyo Dome and saw a Venus member performing with a glittering smile on the ground. That’s why I thought this was what I wanted to do. “

–What do you like about Giants?

“As it is in this year’s slogan, I feel that it is really cool that the players, managers, and people involved in the Giants always have a” indomitable “heart and continue to fight in any situation. I love the fact that you are really really warm and at home! “

–What is the charm point?

“It’s a smile! I’ve been having a lot of days when I can’t let go of my mask, but I’d be happy if I could bring energy and power to my fans with a smile that I can convey even if I’m wearing a mask. I pray that the day will come when I can interact with everyone, and I will always smile and perform as hard as I can. Please pay attention to my glitter smile! “

–What are you addicted to lately?

“I’m addicted to Korean food! All my family love Korean food, so I eat it a lot. I’m thinking of making it myself, so if you have any recommended Korean food or recipes, please let me know (laughs). “

–What was the scene that was so severe this season?

“It’s the Hanshin Tigers match on April 1st! A lot of pitchers who came up to the mound in the top of the 9th inning in the very tense match of the first match of the traditional match. Everyone who was there was a chilling development, but it didn’t move at all, and I was struck by the appearance of the guardian god who was holding down firmly and leading the Giants to victory. “



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