Independiente does not raise its head: it fell 3-1 against Platense at home and arrives beaten at the Avellaneda classic

Independiente continues from bad to worse in the Professional League championship. He fell at home against the undefeated Platense and closed the sixth date of the contest in the 18th. position after adding their second loss in a row after the one suffered in Paraná against Patronato last day. Omar De Felippe’s team began losing, but was able to turn it around 3-1 and became the escort of the leading Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata and Newell’s Old Boys.

It is that Independiente showed some glimpses of what its coach, Eduardo Domínguez, intends until the middle of the first half, a period in which he was able to take the lead in the 22nd minute after a cross to the far post that Leandro Benegas headed down so that Lucas Rodriguez converted under the arc. That goal, however, instead of giving confidence to the locals, caused an inverse effect, since it was Platense who began to grow in his game, without any feeling of guilt for the disadvantage suffered in the Libertadores de América-Ricardo Bochini in the face of a hitherto effusive “red” bias.

Platense seems to be a solidified team and sure of what they want, based on the tranquility that De Felippe transmits, and this was noted by their growing performance that allowed them to draw late in that first stage through the former San Lorenzo, Alexis Sabella , after an error in the departure of today’s starter Iván Marcone. With that spur he went out to play the Squid the second stage against a troubled Independiente, who had just lost 3-1 on the last date against the Patronato, mired in the relegation zone.


And those states of mind were decisive for the outcome of the match, as well as the correct changes made by De Felippe and the erroneous ones made by Domínguez. The translation of both things began to be seen in the 27th minute when one of those admitted, Horacio Tijanovich made it 2-1 for his team with a lopsided shot from the left that brushed Alex Vigo. From then on, everything was impatience and lack of control for Independiente, on and off the field, where their fans ended up falling into the already terminal “let them all go”, which for the first time included a group that approached the bench substitutes to insult and ask coach Domínguez to leave.

That environmental panorama, the persistent drizzle and the need to recover what was achieved at the start of the first half, made Independiente lose its course definitively and, on the other hand, its rival felt safer even to go for the final shot. And continuing with the saga of the successful variants made by De Felippe, the mentor of Independiente’s return to the first division in 2014, already in the fourth minute of added time another counter started by Mauro Zárate was extended to the admitted Ignacio Schor, who put him a precise assistance to Vicente Taborda so that the former Boca Juniors scored his first goal in the highest category.

And it was closed history then, with Platense dreaming of reaching the top, just two points below Gimnasia and Newell’s, the team from Rosario that they will receive next Saturday at Vicente López. For Independiente, on the other hand, the outlook is obviously not the best, but it could get even worse next Sunday if things go wrong again in the classic with Racing Club that will take place at the Cilindro de Avellaneda.


Independent: Sebastian Sosa; Alex Vigo, Sergio Barreto, Juan Insaurralde, Lucas Rodriguez; Ivan Marcone, Luke Rosemary, Luke Gonzalez, Alan Dream; Leandro Fernandez and Leandro Benegas. DT: Eduardo Dominguez.

Platense: Mark Ledesma; Nicolás Morgantini, Juan Pablo Pignani, Haibrany Ruiz Díaz, Gastón Suso; Iván Gómez, Carlos Villalba, Alexis Sabella, Ayrton Costa; Rodrigo Contreras and Mauro Zarate. DT: Omar De Felipe.

Estadio: Liberators of America-Ricardo Bochini.

Referee: Pablo Dovalo.

TV: TNT Sports.

Positions table:


With information from Telam.



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