Independiente de Oliva ratified Martín González as its DT for the National Basketball League July 2022

Independent of Olive made history less than a month ago and achieved the long-awaited promotion to the National Basketball Leagueafter beating Zárate in the final and becoming champion of the Argentine League.

The “I” will play next season in the elite of the national sport, and while he begins to assemble the squad for what is to come, his coach decided Martin Gonzalez, I continued to be the person in charge of the team.

This decision is a vote of confidence and a recognition of the efforts of the DT who has been in the Oliva team for a decade, and first came to the club in 2013 to direct the U19 and took charge of the local first team.

González went step by step and led the team in the local associative tournament, then in the Provincial League, in the Federal Tournament, in the Argentine League and crowned everything done with promotion to the highest category of national basketball.

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