“I’m not sick, I just had a sad time”

Daniel Passarella He spoke with an Italian medium and clarified the versions linked to his health. The former soccer player and DT of the Argentine National TeamHe commented that the rumors made him laugh and assured that he is not sick, that he had a “sad” time and that he dreams of being in the Qatar World Cup 2022.

The world champion in Argentina 78 and Mexico 86 made these statements in La Gazzetta dello Sport, the traditional media outlet in Italy, a country where the Kaiser spent a large part of his career and established ties that are maintained over time.

“I am 69 years old, I have seen everything and nothing surprises me anymore. I know the world of the media and I know that there are more and more people who want to make an impact with news of all kinds, especially speculating on famous figures,” said the former president of River Plate, in relation to the information linked to its current affairs.

“I can assure everyone, including so many Italian friends, that I’m fine and luckily I don’t have any of those ills that were said, that I don’t even know their names,” insisted Daniel.

In that sense, he added: “I only had a little depression, yes. Because we have all been through a bad time, but nothing more. I was depressed, it was a sad time, like so many millions of people.”

In the statement released by Passarella’s family, the negative effect that the pandemic had on the former coach’s mood was discussed, while the versions of an alleged neurodegenerative disease were denied.

“The other day I was in a candy store in Buenos Aires and a lady saw me and said: ‘Are you Passarella?’ laughing on the phone now,” Passarella said in the interview with Gazzetta.

Determined to clarify his present and deny the journalistic information published this week by the newspaper Olé, Passarella also said that he often travels to Chacabuco, and that he makes the journey driving his car. “That was another story, I go every weekend, like all my life,” he said.

“Calm down, Passa non passa”, was the witty message that the Kaiser sent to his former Fiorentina teammate, Giancarlo Antognoni, who wrote to him worried to know how he felt. “There is Daniel for many more years,” said Passarella in his talk with the Gazzetta.

According to Passarella’s word, he plans to travel to the 2022 Qatar World Cup after accepting a special invitation from FIFA. In addition to shining as a footballer, Passarella was coach of the Albiceleste and had his World Cup chance in France 1998, where he was eliminated in the quarterfinals by the Netherlands, a denomination that the Netherlands had at that time.

The World Cup in Qatar 2022

“Argentina has a great team, it is among the three or four favorites for the World Cup,” Passarella briefly commented when asked about the chances of Scaloni’s team in the Middle East.

But of course, Passarella’s dialogue with the Italian media led to the surprising absence of the Azzurra in the World Cup, a disappointment that had already been suffered in 2018 and will be repeated this year.

“It’s an incredible thing, I can’t explain it to myself. Seeing Italy out of a World Cup and for the second time in a row, it’s a loss for everyone. Talking about surprise is little, but obviously times have changed because this time, despite the failure, nobody has questioned the coach,” commented the Kaiser.

Passarella spoke about Calcium

“I always had a weakness for Martínez Quarta, I saw him grow in my River Plate and I am convinced that this year he will finally show his worth. He is perfect as a second central defender in a defense of four”, he commented on the defender who currently works in the Florence.

“Calm down,” he asked after being asked if Paula Dybala could repeat the story of Gabriel Batistuta in Rome, where he became champion. “Dybala is a great player but he doesn’t have as many goals as Gabriel. You have to see the team that Mourinho ends up putting together,” she explained later.

And he added, regarding La Joya: “I don’t understand how Juventus let Dybala go but it will be a motivation for him because he is a great champion and he will want to prove it.”

And regarding Juve, Passarella gave his opinion on the arrival of Ángel Di María to the Turin team: “Di María is very fast and very skilful with his footwork, when he runs down the flanks, and he is also a brave boy, a professional very serious. After having won everywhere, now he will play in the most difficult championship of all but I am sure that with him Juve will be back in the fight”.

In his talk with the Gazzetta, the Kaiser talked about Juve but also about another giant like Inter, specifically about the Lautaro Martínez and Lukaku duo, who will meet again next season after the Belgian’s bad experience at Chelsea.

“It’s a great duo. Lautaro is already a certainty because he always scores, and in every way. Besides, this year he will have an extra motivation that is to reach the maximum of his form in the World Cup”, Daniel was excited.

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