“If you are not attracted, it will end” The key to the development of the competition proposed by the “First Japan Women’s Baseball Team” | Full-Count

Kazumi Morii, the first Japanese women’s baseball team, took the Orix enrollment test in 1992.

The final match of the “National High School Women’s Baseball Championship” was held on August 23, last year at the sacred place Koshien for the first time in history. Behind the back net, pioneers who have carved the history of women’s baseball gathered and watched the battle between Kobe Koryo and Kochi Chuo.

Kazumi Morii of the women’s baseball team “Monsters”, nicknamed “Star,” regrets, “I couldn’t go for work.” As a member of the first Japan Women’s Baseball National Team, I combined it with the world tournament that I experienced in countries where women’s baseball is flourishing, such as North America and Australia. I was happy when I was able to do it, “he said.

In 1992, three female athletes, including Mr. Morii, took the Orix enrollment test and became a hot topic. It’s been 30 years since then. The environment surrounding female athletes has changed significantly. She said, “It was a disappointing result (indefinite suspension), but I was able to play women’s professional baseball.” I’m surprised. It seems that women’s baseball is developing more than she had imagined when she was young.

Mr. Morii, now 55 years old, has been “not good at being girlish” since he was a child, and he often gathered with his boyfriends in the neighborhood to play baseball. She said, “Everyone in our time was playing baseball. It was fun and fun. I was so happy to be able to play baseball. It was the most fun time for me.” I miss those days. She joined the softball club at Keimei Gakuin (currently Keimei Gakuin Junior and Senior High School), saying, “If there is something that can be connected to baseball.” She chased her white ball on weekends with the women’s baseball team “Kobe Ladies”.

“If you can’t be attracted to it, not’Girls are playing baseball’…”



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