I was surprised at “Boo-chan” who reunited in baseball as a member of society … “Reliability” felt by coach Kazuhiro Wada | Full-Count

Kazuhiro Wada, a coach at JR Central, is surprised to see “Boo-chan” again.

Kazuhiro Wada, who was active in Seibu and Chunichi and achieved 2000 hits at the age of 42. Since 2021, he has been a temporary coach at JR Central Japan Railway Company, a professional baseball team. He agrees and gives direct guidance to the players because he wants to give back to him for his own study and for calling out to him. He says that although he has different skills and body from professionals, he can convey the hard work of the players.

We are focusing on communicating the batter theory so that individual players can level up. I want the players to be convinced and work on the practice, so I will give guidance while communicating. Also, not only how to use the body and its characteristics, but also the sensibilities and goals are different, so I started by understanding the personalities of the players.

“Batting is a difficult thing to do. If you don’t do it while explaining, it’s easy to be one-way. Is it meaningful for the opponent to understand or try? I’m doing it with a theory that suits the player. I’m going. There are various personalities such as players who want to do one thing steadily, players who want to do various things, players who should not talk too much, players who are worried if they do not look at it carefully, but when they are in contact with each other Somehow I understand. “

Ryoji Nakata, an infielder who joined Chunichi from Asia University in the 3rd place in the draft in 2009 and was nicknamed “Boo-chan”, is enrolled in the team. He played with Nakata from 2010 to 2014 and won the league title in 2010. When Nakata left the team after being notified off-force in 2014, he didn’t say anything special, but he said he was relieved that he was “good because he can still play baseball.” The former teammates I saw for the first time in a long time have grown into a reliable existence.

“Head speeds are completely different. I have something I’ve only done professionally. I’m a veteran at the age of 34, but his experience so far is huge for the team. He’s in an intercity baseball tournament. The strength of the player will change depending on whether he is healthy or not. He is a player whose existence value when it becomes a big stage is greatly increased. “

The awesomeness of a player who became a “veteran” in adult baseball … “I want you to give back.”



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