“I felt that the title was really within my reach”, assures Kyrgios

Dominated in four sets by the master of the place Novak Djokovic, the Australian expressed his regrets.

At Wimbledon,

On his approach to the final

« I slept terribly again last night. Not having played the semi-final did me a disservice because I was thinking about it all the time. But I think I did well today. I got on the pitch and did what I had to do tactically to give myself a chance. I felt that the trophy was really within my reach. I think I handled the pressure well. I looked like I had played others. I think I served well. I put myself in a position to win against one of the greatest of all time, but I didn’t play the decisive points well today.

On Novak Djokovic

“I take my hat off to him. I played a hell of a first set and put myself in a position to take the game in hand. It’s weird, I feel like he didn’t do anything extraordinary today. He came back the way he comes back. I think he’s a great raiser. He was so calm. In the important moments, one felt that he was never shaken. I think that’s his greatest strength. He just looked completely comfortable all the time, even though he was playing big.”

On making it to the Wimbledon final

“All my life I’ve been told winning Wimbledon is the ultimate achievement. I’m not like a young guy like Jannik Sinner or like Carlos Alcaraz, who arrived on the circuit recently. It took me almost 10 years of career to get to the point of playing in a Grand Slam final and failing. I have the impression that if I had won this tournament, I would have lacked a bit of motivation for the rest. Coming back for other less prestigious tournaments, I would have really struggled.

On his two previous victories against Djokovic

“Having a 2-0 head-to-head with him helped me a bit. In a best-of-five match against these guys, Novak and Nadal in general, and even Federer, you feel like if you win the first set, you still have to climb Mount Everest. Whereas in the best of three sets, the previous two times, I won the first set, I was right on top of him, and I kept pressing and pressing.”

On his fortnight and his good resolutions

“I feel like I’ve been very invested in these two weeks. What more can I do, to be honest? I stayed home most of the time. I tried to sleep well, to eat well. Not even a beer here and there. During my training, I was really invested. I’m not supposed to be a Wimbledon finalist, where I’m from and with everything I’ve been through. »

On his attitude on the court

“At times I got angry because I thought if I won this tournament I would become a tennis immortal. I won the first set. Things started to go down a bit. He was just stronger. If I had won the fourth, who knows? I can obviously improve things in my game and not just my calm.

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