How long has it been since Nacional was last in the League?

National Athletic The championship has had a start to forget, a situation that generates concern in the coaching staff, managers and of course the fans.

Many cannot explain how the team passed the euphoria of being champion in a couple of weeksafter five years without doing so, to the uncertainty generated by the results of the first dates of the Betplay League 2-2022.

Lhe situation becomes even more worrying after the draw between Deportivo Cali and Independiente Medellín (2-2), which allowed the sugar team to add its first point in the standings, with which it displaced the green team from Antioquia to the basement of the ranking.

And it is that, if for any team in the world being in last place is uncomfortable, for the so-called big teams, as is the case of King of Cups, Yes it is.

Since 2019 he was not colero

Two years must have passed for the fans of the Antioquia team to relive the sensation of being coleros.

NNational had not been in last place in the table at the local level since the 2019 Apertura tournament, in which he occupied that place on the second date, after falling into the Athanasius Girardot compared to America of Cali (2-0); and in the fifteenth, after drawing with Santa Fe (1-1), in El Campín, on May 9.

Since then he was not last, a position he hopes to leave this Saturday, when he will face Sports Tolima, at the Manuel Murillo Toro stadium, on the fourth date of League 2.

What to do to get out of the bottom?

“You have to know the group very well to know how you are going to lead it, what compartments should be requested and what needs to be changed in terms of dealing with the players, or training. It is clear that in this there is no magic formula to know what the decision to make is and each case is particular”, said Carlos Navarrete, who directed the green cast between 2000 and 2001.

for coach hIt must be clear that none of the members of the current squad could forget to play football. “That is more about mentality, about the idiosyncrasy of our soccer players, we have seen it in other institutions, recently the same thing happened to Cali too,” he said.

For Navarrete, it is necessary to do a particular job with the youngest of the different groups, because at night in the morning things cannot change so much and it must be clear that they cannot put aside the motivation, the demand and the sense of belonging that being in an institution like these implies.

And well recognize that it is normal that discomfort is generated by the fact that the club is last, which incidentally generates pressure, the counselor is also clear in stating that this group and its coach cannot be condemned, with only three disputed dates.

This situation is even normal with players who did not have rest and perhaps with mental wear that does more damage than physical wear, because they had been playing decisive games. That must be understood. I have no doubt that the team is going to pick it up, we have to surround the coaching staff and Hernán Darío Herrera who may be implementing a new structure and a game model, which he can afford to do after becoming champion”, concluded Navarrete, who has no doubt that Nacional will get back on track very soon and will compete for the title again.



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