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The FIBA ​​Asia Cup will be held in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, from July 12th (July 13th, Japan time). “The man who harbors the soul” finally joins the Japanese men’s basketball team led by Tom Hovasse HC.

“I will return to Japan to participate in the Japan national team at the Asian Cup.”

July 1st, Japan time. Yuta Watanabe, who has played for the NBA, wrote on his Twitter account, announcing his participation in the national team. Although Hovasse had hinted at Watanabe’s possibility of participating in the Asian Cup during the Japan national team training camp in June, his participation in the national team, whose contracted team has not been officially decided at this time, pleased the fans.

Yuta Watanabe hits a dunk in practice before the Asia Cup
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Of course, this is good news for the Japanese national team.

While Hovasse, who led the Japanese women’s national team to the silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics last summer, became the head coach, the Japanese men’s national team was unable to convene the “mainstay of the mainstay” players and was unable to produce results. The participation of a reliable man who knows the world through the NBA and participating in the Olympics has been long-awaited.

“I decided to join the national team this time because I had a strong desire to play as a national team player this summer if I had time.”

In an interview with the media just before the Asian Cup, Watanabe said that he decided to act as a representative for the first time since the Tokyo Olympics.

“As a leader and someone who has experienced several international competitions, there are many young players on this team, and I will tell them what they have experienced and what they have learned. I think it will be a big role for me. “

In early July, the Japanese national team fought two FIBA ​​World Cup Asian qualifying matches in Melbourne, Australia, and won the Chinese Taipei (89-49), but by a large margin of 98-52 over the world’s third-ranked powerhouse Australia. I lost. Australia lost in the Asian qualifying match in February, and China also lost in a row in the same qualifying last fall. All of the black stars made me feel a difference in ability.



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