Horacio Llamas visits Durango

Former Phoenix Suns player and Mexican basketball star Horacio Llamas is visiting Durango, where he has a clinic with the little ones from the Don Epy Basketball Academy.

This Thursday the star met with the media, where expressed his joy at being back in Durangoa place he visited as a player in the LNBP and a few years ago to support children with cancer at the Cancer Center.

With his great humor that characterizes him, the player was with the founder of the Don Epy Academy, Sergio Castañeda, and both explained the iconic player’s visit.

He mentioned that it is very important to maintain the love of the “seed”, the boys and girlswho are growing up and the discipline of sport is instilled in them.

Say what when a child falls in love with sport, it is profit.

He added that in basketball it is necessary to adapt it to the idiosyncrasies of each country, that is, that Mexico has to play its own style and find its way to evolve.

“Everything is a joint effort, the coach must be trained and teach it to the children and make them fall in love with this sport, so that the children want to attend their training.”

National selection

Regarding the National Team, he mentioned that it is on the right track, that It was a great result to beat the United States and Puerto Rico. That there is a good deck of players to play differently from what the rival demands.

He explained his thoughts regarding Juan Toscano, since it would be a controversy to bring him and not others. He asked those who want the NBA to play with Mexico to learn more about the history of Mexican basketball.



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