HLB and Laugh! As If You Are in Hell will arrive in August

Did you want to continue watching? Boku no Hero Academia since the release of its fifth season? While the sixth part of this anime comes out, you can settle for the OVAs of My Hero Academia that will arrive in the next few days, since the first of August will be released HLB y Laugh! As If You Are in Helltwo episodes that will allow us to continue seeing the characters of Kouhei Horikoshi.

The two OVAs (Original Video Animation) mentioned were released in Japan between June 16 and 19. Nevertheless, its arrival in the West (United States, Canada, Europe, Latin America, etc.) will not take place until 7:00 am on August 1 on the Crunchyroll platform.

How is the synopsis of My Hero Academia: HLB (Hero League Baseball)?

The first of these two OVA’s My Hero Academia is named HLB (Hero League Baseball). As the name implies, two rival agencies form teams to compete for the championship of the baseball league. On the one hand, there is Gang Orca who founded the team of “Las Orcas”; and on the other, there is Shishido, who founded “Los Leones”.

To make it more interesting, in this league of heroes everyone can use their gifts or ‘quirks’. UA students are recruited to compete, so teams end up with these lineups:

Orcas: Gang Orca, Shoji, Jiro, Kaminari, Mineta, Sero, Shiozaki, Shinrin Kamui y Mt. Lady.

Lions: Shishido, Ojiro, Sato, Shishida, Shoda, Fat Gum, Kirishima, Amajiki y Tetsutetsu.

How is the synopsis of Laugh! As If You Are in Hell?

As to My Hero Academia: Laugh! As If You Are in Hellwe are going to a practice starring Deku, Bakugo and Todoroki at the Endeavor agency.

One of his tasks these days is to find a villain named Smiley who draws doodles in the city. As you can see, it’s not that serious, they don’t take the fact with much priority…until a doodle is drawn on Endeavor’s house.

Furious, Endeavor himself and the trio go out to find the villain. However, Smiley’s ‘quirk’ turns out to be something ridiculous but powerful.

Fuente: Crunchyroll.



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