His words about David Ortiz

The importance of the sports career of David Ortiz placed him on the cusp of recognition not only of the Big leaguesbut also from the highest political sphere of their country of origin, Dominican Republic.

After the news broke that “The Big Daddy” would go on to become fourth Dominican to be part of the exclusive Cooperstown Hall of Famethe messages did not wait.

The former presidents Leonel Fernandez and Daniel Medinaas well as the current president Luis Abinaderhead the list of Creole political leadership that expressed their happiness.

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“More than deserved, as of today he has 187 votes in favor, so everything seems to indicate that he is effectively leaving in the first round. That is more than deserved, because David has all the numbers for that (…) better batting percentage, in doubles, RBIs, he was in Stars gamehas several titles of World Serieswhat else… David Ortiz the Dominican room in Cooperstown”, said the former president at the time. Leonel Fernandez.

The former president did the same. Daniel Medinawho added, “our sincere congratulations to the friend David OrtizBig Papi, for his admission to the Cooperstown Hall of Fame. He knocked her out of the park in the first at-bat! fills us with pride already have four names Dominicans in it tallest in world baseball”.

He too President Luis Abinader I do not hesitate to express the joy of seeing David Ortiz reach the votes needed to enter the select group of Cooperstown Hall of Fame.

“I join the great celebration of the whole country and the baseball world for the choice of BIG PAPI, David Ortizal Cooperstown Hall of Fame. Congratulations DavidYou’re a great #Dominican pride“, public Abinader.



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