Hearing before the CNOSF in Bordeaux: where are we? – Girondins

Yesterday, Gérard Lopez and his team reacted at a press conference for not having been heard during the hearing before the DNCG appeal committee.

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Gerard Lopez knows what he has to do

Today, the motivations of the appeal commission are known.

Here are the motivations given by 20minutes :

– request for debt reduction: the commission also criticizes the lack of supporting documents on the transfer of ownership of the other half to one of Gérard Lopez’s companies.

– legal act of the transfer of ownership of part of it with perfect delegation to Gérard Lopez

– The 14M€ of transfers must be made in cash to cover the sales of players if they do not materialize PSA.

What are the advances to Saturday night?

Bordeaux Métropole voted yesterday to spread the debt of the Girondins de Bordeaux until 2026. In addition, the Girondins have received the legal act for the final transfer of ownership of half the debt indicates 20minutes.

Regarding the €14 million to be deposited in cash in an account, they are a key to the survival of the club. The businessman who owns the Girondins de Bordeaux knows what he has to do.

It is now up to him as owner of FCGB to find the solution, whether or not to involve the club’s creditors. No information has filtered on this subject at the time of writing these lines.

The survival of the club depends on it and it rests on the shoulders of Gérard Lopez, the owner of the Girondins de Bordeaux. The day of the examination of the situation of the Girondins by the CNOSF is not yet known. The date of July 11 or 12 is hoped for.



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