Hannover 96: Test of nerves! Stefan Leitl drove to the Heidepark with his professionals – 2nd Bundesliga

For some, that was more nerve-wracking than a last-minute corner kick.

After five hard sessions and the 2×35-minute training game, Stefan Lietl (44) gave up yesterday afternoon – and drove to the Heidepark with his team.

Team building in the roller coaster.

In terms of football, consistency should be pure, it shouldn’t go up and down all the time. But in order to continue to grow together, Hendrik Weydandt & Co. had to go on the daring carousels. The trainer went too.

Leitl: “I don’t go in everywhere. I’m out in the free fall, definitely. I do roller coasters.”

It was his idea to do a different kind of team building measure: “Heidepark is in the immediate vicinity. The age structure in the team is also such that they still like going into these things.”

Leitl: “The lads also need some time off, they have to keep themselves busy outside of football. You can give them an afternoon off or you can go somewhere as a group, as a unit, and have some fun.”

Photo: Lars Kaletta

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Get in please! The 96 professionals only found out shortly before where it was goingPhoto: Lars Kaletta

The boys were allowed to catch their breath for a few hours on Wednesday evening. Barbecue on the Wachtelhof terrace.

Barbecues, Heidepark – the experiences off the field should help to get even closer together on the pitch. Leitl is not quite satisfied with the current sense of togetherness. “I urge that with urgency. I am convinced that we can only survive as a team and fight against resistance. Overall, working together is pretty good. For me it can be even more intense, even more in a slightly larger group.”

So that the reds only ride roller coasters in Heidepark and not in the 2nd league…



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