Giffoni Film Festival 2022, the sponsors’ awards

The 52nd edition of Giffoni, the children’s film festival, which has been open for some time to other thematic areas such as the environment, technology, work, economy, gastronomy, sport, safety, legality, ends. Also this year the partners and sponsors of the festival supported the various areas of discussion. Four of them have been protagonists of prestigious awards. The final ceremony (tonight, in Sala Truffaut, in the heart of the Citadel) sees Lete, Clear Channel, Cial meet the winning directors and give them the awards in the +10 sections. Acea had already delivered the award on 29 July in the +6 section.

It starts from LETE (ELEMENTS SECTION +10). The Special Award Sport is the recognition established by Acqua Lete at the Giffoni Film Festivalwhich in 2022 is awarded to the film “Bigman” for the directed by Camiel Schouwenaar and set by Job Tichelman. Bigman is an exciting work that shows how the strength of a dream and the passion for sport can make a child a great warrior and is the metaphor of the story of great champions like Bebe Vio and Alex Zanardi, who are great souls like Dylan , the little protagonist of the film. Lete, the water of sport, is Premium Partner of the Italian National Soccer Team, the Italian Fencing Federation, the Italian Federation of Judo, Fighting Karate and Martial Arts, Main Sponsor of SSC Napoli, Official Partner of AC Milan and partner of other prestigious football clubs, with which he has carried out important social responsibility projects.

It continues with the CLEAR CHANNEL ITALY AWARD (ELEMENTS +10). Even this year Clear Channel, which manages two important bike sharing services in Milan and Verona, has chosen a bicycle as a prize, symbol of a green lifestyle, freedom of movement and respect for the environment; as well as a valuable asset of our outdoor advertising heritage. Therefore, on the occasion of the 52nd edition of the Giffoni Film FestivalClear Channel Italia confers the award: “Innovation and Sustainability” to Rosalba Vitellaro who in the making of her short film “In the sea there are crocodiles”, distinguished herself for the use of a modern and at the same time simple and effective cinematographic language, transferring great courage and strength. The values ​​expressed by the film such as cooperation, intuition, stubbornness and resilience together with our corporate principles such as fairness, innovative thinking and freedom, made us identify with this beautiful story.

Then touch a CIAL – Aluminum Packaging Consortium: awarded “How I learned to fly” (ELEMENTS +10), by director Radivoje Andrić. The CIAL Award for the Environment this year is awarded to a feature film that talks about family and rediscovered feelings, with nature as the backdrop to a moving and current story. Although the focus of the film is not strictly the environmental one, the environment award is awarded to this film because it enhances the evident relationship of love, freedom and carefree that the protagonist Sofja lives with the sea of ​​the Croatian island that welcomes her, protective and generous, helping and supporting her in perhaps the most complicated years of a young woman’s life. Finally, the Acea Sustainability Award (delivered on 29 July).

Award winning “Super furbal savees the planet” (SEZIONE +6). For the ability to combine environmental and social aspects and to sensitize the little ones through the story of concrete actions and essential values, for a sustainable approach to life.


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