General Assembly and end-of-year technical criterium for the Pays d’Auge judo club

@Honfleurinfos: Relatives and friends came to congratulate the young judokas

On Saturday, June 18, the general assembly and the end-of-year technical criterium of the Pays d’Auge judo club took place. A great day combining exams, review of the year and celebration of the club.

From 10 a.m., at the Sports Hall of the Marcel Pinel stadium, the final exams of the sports year of the judo club took place. All the judokas then passed on the tatami in front of the juries to pass their belts. In total, “it’s 100 licensees” who will wear a belt of a different color at the start of the school year, says Thierry Rossignol, one of the club’s teachers. A trophy as an end-of-year reward was awarded to each judoka present.
Around 6 p.m., the parents of the young graduates as well as the Taoists, who represent a third of the number of graduates, came to join the event. The general assembly then took stock of the past season.
It is with a very good note that he started, with the number of 212 licensees. The club has never had so many apprentice judokas, almost as many as that of Caen. The offers and discounts put in place last September have paid off. These were expensive, but we have a lot of sponsors who help us in Honfleur, in addition to subsidies, thanks to that our accounts are in balance explains Marianne Dourtriaux, club secretary. Accounts that will be held next season by Guy Durand, neo-Taoists this year, who received unanimous votes.
The activity report was also carried out. With outings to Lac de Clécy, Parc de le Bocasse, bowling or even popular children’s/parents’ evenings, the results are more than positive and group life is well maintained.
On June 10, a couscous evening with DJ was organized to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the club (which could not be celebrated during the Covid). Finally, the club introduced all the families to the sophrologist, present since this year, who has carried out individual sessions with six voluntary judokas, and who should launch collective sessions in the future.
Make way for summer and a little rest for the judo club with the end of training this week. Nevertheless, some activities are planned in order to wait for the start of the school year. An outdoor course for the adult group of Taoists is planned for the beginning of August. For children, the ‘Koh-Lanta’ course already set up in 2021 should see the light of day again on August 29 and 30. The start of the school year will follow with the forum of associations in September. This beautiful day ended with an end-of-year drink between educators, graduates and families.

Office :
Members of the bureau of the Pays d’Auge judo club for next season: Michaël DOLBEAU (president); Marianne DOUTRIAUX (secretary); Guy DURAND (treasurer); Pauline LEBELLOIS; Cyril LATOUR and Valérie TREBUCHET.

From our correspondent: Valentin Ruffin



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