Gary Harris is not moving from Orlando

One of the teams with the least publicity at the moment despite having won number 1 in the 2022 Draft. The Orlando Magic, who need not to sign players but for those they already have to be healthy once and for all (Isaac, Fultz) have decided to continue trusting Gary Harris for the next two seasons, another player who aimed for an All-Star profile in Denver but whose constant injuries seem to have hampered his career for life.

In Orlando, where they always swam between two waters (keep him or increase his value to transfer him), they have reached an agreement for the continuity of the 2-year player and 26 million dollars, according to Adrian Wojnarowski’s sources. The shooting guard, who will be 28 years old in September, is in good tune with the Magic project he longs for and has everything to take off, and can become one of the veterans who leads his growth.

Last year he played 61 games, 30 of them as a starter, with numbers of 11.1 points in 28.4 minutes and 38.4% shooting from three. Very far from his maximum peak in the Nuggets in weight and performance (17.5 points in 2017-18) but on the right path to become an influential player again despite having lost part of his athletic power .

Names and illusion

Banchero, Fultz, Isaac, Okeke, Suggs, Bol Bol, the Wagner brothers, Carter Jr., Hampton, Cole Anthony, Mo Bamba (for now), Ross (ditto ditto), Harris…

A lot of youth and talent in a medium-long term project and commanded by a Jamahl Mosley who should not rest on his laurels (second worst balance in the NBA in the previous regular season with a 22-60) and must begin to show, as soon as possible, the full potential of his dressing room.

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