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Interview with Minoru Iwata (Part 2)

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“Are you doing it for your life!”

Former Hanshin Tigers Minoru Iwata was yelled at by Koichi Nishitani during the Osaka Toin High School at the mound of the practice game ahead of the Osaka tournament in the summer of 2nd year.

“I was desperately doing it, but it didn’t come out as a result. Mr. Nishitani came to the mound with a terrible swordsman for the content of pitching that was unpleasant as an ace, such as being able to walk in a row ….. . “

Oh, really ──. About 20 years ago, it was not an impossible act for the director to scold, but Iwata couldn’t hide his surprise. After a while, when I returned to my sanity, the commander’s words echoed.

“Such words don’t usually come up. Professor Nishitani taught us baseball at the risk of his life. I felt that” more properly “.”

Iwata recalls the time he spent in Osaka Toin, saying, “It was a tough three years anyway.” He is now a ally who is neither pushed nor pushed by the high school baseball world, but at that time it was still in its infancy. Iwata, Takeya Nakamura (Seibu), Tsuyoshi Nishioka (Fukuoka Kitakyushu Phoenix), and other professional and high-flying players were silently honing their skills.

Minoru Iwata who marked 60 wins in total in 16 years of professional life
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Rainy day fighting illness

Six months after being asked to prepare for baseball on the mound, Iwata was at a crossroads in his life. He developed type 1 diabetes. The left-handed pitcher who was aiming for Koshien was suddenly hospitalized and forced to fight against illness.

By the time Iwata left the circle of friends and entered the spring of 3rd year, the team was on the line of participation in Senbatsu. Only God knows his fate, but he must practice well in preparation for the sunny stage.

At around 9 or 10 pm when the team practice was over, Director Nishitani in uniform came to visit us every day. Insert dumbbells, balls, tubes …

“Do it properly”

Saying so to Ace, the commander returned. He was a caring person who would ask the nurses to put in the cake and let him go to the hospital even after hours.

“Mr. Nishitani is a teacher and a director, and when he goes to scouts, he wonders when he’s sleeping … (laughs). When we were high school students, we had a social studies class where we could study. I also did it. I really like baseball, and I’m good at raising people. “



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