Football: Combani brings down Twins, reigning champion

At the end of a thrilling and thrilling match, the Diables Noirs went on to win, with style, 3 goals to 2, on the lawn of Jumeaux.

Until the end this match will have been fascinating. Until the last minute, when Antoissi with the equalizing ball at the end of the crampon facing the empty goal. The purple striker, once is not custom, magnifies the frame and the Combani of Djamal wins a prestigious victory against the outgoing champion, again deprived this season, of his ground of Mzouazia, still under construction.

Twins and Combani went blow for blow

The meeting got off to a flying start. From the second minute, Chamou, for his first match in the league in his new colors, opened the scoring for Combani. This is the first time Jumeaux has been behind this season.

In the aftermath, in an identical situation, the attacker finds this time the purple crossbar. Jumeaux has just let the storm pass and on one of his first chances gets a penalty. We play the quarter of an hour and Laïdine is unbalanced in the area by Moukim, the Combani goalkeeper. Antoissi does not miss the opportunity to bring his people up to DNC. Twins equalize, one goal everywhere.

It’s a pleasure, a joy, to beat the leader, the defending champion. Everybody is happy. We even saw in the game that we were superior. We’re going to take it game by game. We are not yet ready to say that we play the leading roles, we will see later.

Said Rachidi, captain of Combani

But it was Combani who left the best impression in this first period, creating three clear chances before the break. The last, from Andjami, well served by Marius, finished above the goals of Macarara.

1/1 is the score at halftime.

From the start of the second period, Laïdine makes the difference on the right side and serves on an Antoissi plateau, which does not miss the opportunity to achieve a new double. Twins takes control of the meeting. The two teams, with Kawéni, are the only ones to be still undefeated this season, in the league and it shows.

Even behind the score, Combani is confident. Ten minutes after the second goal of the violets, it is Chamou who signs, in turn, a double. The striker is on the receiving end of a service with small onions from Nakid, who like Lastic, will have delivered an XXL performance, Saturday, in Mronabéja.

It’s a defeat, we wanted to do a clear round, it doesn’t matter, it happens. It’s not a day without, today, against Combani. We knew they were coming to play. We wanted to counter them but we didn’t have that bit of luck to win.

Ben Dina, Captain Twins of Mzouazia

The two teams meet again, back to back and do everything to win. Enrak thinks to find the solution for Jumeaux, in the 85th minute, but Moukim is on the parade. In the aftermath, the referee whistled a hand fault by Djoudi in his penalty area. Penalty for Combani and technical reserve posed by Jumeaux. Chamou does not miss the opportunity to achieve a hat-trick to celebrate his return to Mahoran football. 3/2 for Combani in this completely crazy match.

In the last moments, Yonas, volley and especially Antoissi, will have the opportunity to bring the violets to three goals everywhere. But fate has decided otherwise, rewarding Djamal, who celebrates this victory in a disproportionate way. The excessiveness was also, in Combani, where dozens of supporters were at the arrival of the players to celebrate this victory against the defending champion. Surely because Combani becomes the only undefeated team in this R1 championship. Surely also because some in the village are beginning to believe in a season that could become historic for the Diables Noirs.

Chamou, author of a hat-trick, congratulated by Macarara

©Aurelien February

Result D5:

  • Twins 2/3 Combani
  • FCM 1/0 Sada
  • Kani-Kéli 4/2 Rosador
  • Bandraboua 3/1 Bandrélé
  • Kawéni 0/1 Antéou
  • Tchanga 1/2 Mtzamboro

Ranking :

  1. Twins 12 points +8
  2. FCM 12 points  +7
  3. Kaweni 12 points +5
  4. Kani-Kéli 12 +5 points
  5. Combani   11 points +4
  6. Bandraboua 10 points 0
  7. Antéou          9 points +2
  8. Add 4 +1 points
  9. Bandrélé 4 points -3
  10. Mtzamboro 3 points  -12
  11. Rosador 0 point        -8
  12. Now 0 point -9


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