Five aizkolaris from Gipuzkoa will fight to qualify for the Urrezko Kopa

The test held last year in Plaza Trinidad / SARA SANTOS

Gold Cup

On the 16th of this month, the preview will be held to choose the five finalists who will fight for the Kopa on August 15 in Plaza Trinidad

This 2022 and for the second consecutive year, the aizkolaris test returns, which is held as every year on August 15, on the occasion of the Big Week. The test will be held in the Plaza de la Trinidad, and this year, like the previous one, the qualifying test will be held on July 16, in which 12 aizkolaris from all over Euskal Herria will participate. Of those 12, five will qualify and will participate on August 15 in the Urrezko Kopa.

Guipuzcoans Julen Alberdi, Hodei Ezpeleta, Mikel Larrañaga, Ugaitz Mugerza and Eneko Otaño, Vizcaya’s Aitzol Atutxa, Julen Larrea and Xabier Zaldua and Navarre’s Joxean Etxeberria, Oier Kañamares, Jon Rekondo and Iker Vicente will be the 12 participants in the qualifying round. will be played on the 16th of this month at 7.30 pm in the Plaza Trinidad.

The criteria for choosing these 12 aizkolaris have been the following: the five aizkolaris who in 2021 participated in the Urrezko Kopa on August 15, on the occasion of the Abuztua Donostian programming, the five aizkolaris who obtained positions one to five inclusive in the 1st Category Euskadi Championship and the two aizkolaris chosen by the organization. Mikel Larrañaga winner of the previous edition will try for the second consecutive year to take home the award.

The test will consist of seven 54-inch logs, which is half of the work that is done in the Urrezko Kopa. It will be held in two consecutive rounds, the participants will be chosen by lottery.



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