Fedojudo holds meetings in the schools of Sabana Grande de Boyá

The leader Gilberto García, president of Fedojudo held the celebration of bringing judo to schools in Sabana Grande de Boyá

Great Savannah of Boyá.- The Dominican Federation of Judo (Fedojudo) initiated the steps to extend the judo in schools project in this municipality.

Members of the executive committee of the Fedojudo held a meeting with authorities of the Ministry of Education and councilors of the municipality in order to take the first steps to the agreement to launch the initiative.

The project Judo in the Schools” carried out by Fedojudo in other provinces, will be carried out in the Educational Center Professor John Bosch, from Sabana Grande de Boya.

In the meeting with the authorities, the Fedojudo promised to provide the tatamis and the judoguis, while the representatives of the Ministry of Education will manage the appointment of the coach who will be in charge of giving the practices to the students.

For the Fedojudo they were Gilberto Garcia, president, Luisa Martinez, general secretary, and technical director Leidi Germán. In addition Bolívar Antonio Veras, deputy director of international relations of the Ministry of Education, as well as Oliver Brito, Junio ​​López, Alejandro de la Cruz and Quilvio Mejía, technicians of that portfolio, and the regidor Patricio Brito.

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